Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bejeweled Black Zendalas

I had fun yesterday working up some designs for my next weekend's class at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, where we'll be working on black Zendalas. I wanted to experiment with more than just the traditional white on black (though I LOVE that lacey look.) My last experiment is a good representation of a "monotangle."  These were made using Rick and Maria's pre-strung tiles and lots of Gelly Roll markers and colored pencils (Prismacolor and Faber-Castel)l for shading.

Bejeweled  tangles: Florz, Finery, Shattuck, Crescent Moon, Circfleur, and Purk were tangled
with metallic and sparkley Gelly Roll markers.

Here I used the white Gelly Roll and shaded with the Zenstone.

The center of this monotangle is a "Cruffle". I think I made up the other tangle - or
it's just innate from my repertoire of flower shapes used in the
botanical illustrations I do. I'll call it "Sepals".

Color swirls with shading.

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