Saturday, January 21, 2017

Got Weather on My Mind

Today I'm getting ready for a week in Seattle where I'll be attending the American Meteorological Society's Annual meeting; a job-related trip. So I'll be immersed in panel discussions, presentations, symposia, poster sessions, etc. that focus on the science of weather and climate. That's why I've got weather on my mind!

I have been too busy to work up new drawings to show you so I decided to share tiles drawn years ago that reflect my mood. These little journal entries have the feel of swirling wind, sunshine and rays of warmth, rain and snow, and funky clouds, ala Zentangle.

It also happens to be my birthday today, and I came into this world during a major snowstorm. Schools and most of the businesses in town were closed down that year on January 21. Luckily, my parents' neighbors had some heavy car that got mom to the hospital safely. Because of that event, my Mom and Dad always called me their Snow Baby.

Here in the Rocky Mountains (though beautiful and sunny earlier) the snow has begun to fall, as if to give me another birthday present. It's been a good day!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year and Kids Rock!

I can't believe that I let December get away without posting. I had every intention of showing you results from my December class at Two Hands Paperie on Bijou tile ornaments. But you know how it is - holidays, visitors, work, family, life just gets in the way sometime. Not that I'm complaining about any of them. We had a lot of good times in December with family and friends. I count this class among that fun. So let me show you their results.

The small, intimate class was as enthusiastic as they could be, with no fewer than three kids ages nine to twelve, if I remember correctly. Normally, the classes at Two Hands are for adults and the owner called to ask if I would allow kids under twelve in my class, and that the mother assured her girl and boy were both very "artsy." I said yes, of course. Who doesn't want to promote art in our youth?! I'm so glad that my parents always supported my interest in any type of art or craft, messy as many were; like a potter's wheel in the basement!

Kids are delightfully uninhibited - all three created beautiful ornaments and had no problems learning the tangle strokes. They just dove in! That's a refreshing reminder to all of us adults who agonize too much over this line and that dot!

Not to short shrift the adults in class. They were every bit as eager and adept as their results show. This particular ornament bedazzled us all. The student used sparkling gel pens on it, which you don't see here as well as in real life. It worked so well with the crystal dangle.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be more active about my blog posts. I hope you all have success with your resolutions - especially if they include adding more Zentangle to your routine. Until next time, Happy Healthy New Year!