Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Love Bijou Tiles!

I knew that the reason I had never gotten my little square tin box of Bijou tiles from Zentangle out of my art cabinet is that I would like them too much. That's exactly what happened. These 2x2-inch squares are addictive. They tangle up so quickly and look like little jewels when finished. In just one day, I created those shown below arranged in a circle because I couldn't stop!

Recently I took them with me on a trip and ended up teaching a couple of friends to do Zentangle drawing method on them. It went fast enough that even with a couple glasses of wine and lively conversation, the new ZT students stuck with it and produced some beautiful results! This could definitely turn into a regular class or intro to another Zentangle-related project/two-part class.

Thumbs up for Bijou!

This gives you a better idea of the tile size (2x2).

The Bijou tiles are sold in this lovely and practical tin box great for changing out the display of your current favorite tile. The Bijou story is fun too.

Results from my impromptu class with Lanny and Michael at the neighborhood cafe/bar.

I showed them how easy it is to add interest to their work with my traveling watercolor materials; a Peerless book of watercolor pigments and water-fillable brush.

Michael and Lanny giving Bijou a thumbs up too.