Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Most Unusual Zentangle Canvas

When my friend Debe asked me if I'd do a creative project for her, I immediately said, "yes!" Debe and I are soul sisters when it comes to creativity. She's a superb quilter with a great sense for design and color. So I knew that the application she had in mind for my Zentangle skills would be ever so creative. So here's the story.

Debe and her husband recently purchased a cute house in Frutta, Colorado, on the Western Slope. The bungalow is a wonderful little fixer upper (especially after the water pipes froze over the winter and flooded the whole place!) They've been redoing floors, drywall, kitchen, painting, etc.

Additionally, this is a house that has an unusual feature:
When you walk in from the back patio, you face the furnace room. From there you turn one way into the living room and another way into the master bedroom; not a really desirable look. But it would be too costly to change.

So brilliant Debe said, "why don't we have Annie zentangle something on the panel covering the gas heater." And I did!

I'll show you a progression of my project leading off with the final piece mounted on the heating element. Debe plans to paint the heater too to make the whole thing more attractive.

In any case, this has been my most unusual canvas to date!

Luckily this project came up during the summer months, and I was able to work on it nearly exclusively from my back yard.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Next Classes Posted

I am pleased to announce that my next two classes at Two Hands Paperie in Boulder have been posted. Click on the photo captions and read all the details for signing up. Space is limited to six in both cases so sign up soon!

These will be really fun - something new for those of you who have taken classes with me in the past. I look forward to seeing familiar faces there!

Gemtangle Class - October 23

Bijou Class - December 4

Bijou dangle