Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flash Card Fun!

I recently taught a class at Two Hands Paperie. Because the shop has so many things that speak to my heart, my crafts, and my passions, I always buy things after I've taught my class. Not a very wise way to make money!

Anyway, on that particular Saturday after teaching, a box of manilla vintage flash cards displayed on one of the antique shop tables caught my eye. I was immediately transported back to my school days (decades ago).

Amazing how such triggers bring back memories of long ago with such clarity: memories of adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division with my grandmother who was a first grade teacher flashed through my mind. We had hours of fun together with those cards sitting on her floral-print davenport, i.e. couch! Learning with Grandma was in no way arduous. She always whipped up refreshments and special treats; we laughed and learned, and I was so proud to have a "real teacher" teaching me. She even took me to her classroom sometimes.

How could I make these cards more memorable, I thought? "Zentangle" them came to mind almost in a "flash!" So I purchased two - now I'm sad I didn't buy them all - to give it a try.

Here are the two flash cards I tangled around. Next time I'm at Two Hands, I plan on stopping by to get more. I encourage you to try "tangling" on ephemera and other unusual things you haven't thought of. I can image tangling on old letters, stationary, books, maps, stamps, etc. The possibilities are limitless as you might already know.

I hope these bring back fond memories for you too!

These were all done while watching movies, sports, or other T.V. shows.
That makes me feel as if watching T.V.  hasn't been a waste of my time. So maybe these aren't the best in terms of execution, but spontaneous they are!

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