Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tis the Season

Well it's official. If you let yourself get caught up in the bustle of the holidays, it began yesterday. With family members slowly trickling back to their homes after feasting and fun, my frosted mountain home is nearly empty again. Today's falling snow-globe snow put me in a creative mood, and the quiet allows me to reflect on the time spent with my loved ones; rather rambunctious. But the settling peace compels me to tell you about a craft project I finished months ago; one that could be a nice gift for you to bestow on your friends and family. If you've read my Tangle Teaching Tree posts, you'll know I like to tangle birds. I wanted to see what one would look like in 3-D. So I began creating paper mache birds to hang and set around my studio and tree mural I painted for my Botangle Studio.

With minimal tools, you too can make this paper finery. I was inspired by Mollie Greene's Sweet Paper Crafts. Instructions on how to make the "Percher Bird" are clearly laid out with wonderful illustrations in her book.

After completing the frame, I painted my cheerful swallow a plain white and used my trusty two-pointed Identipen to tangle on the patterns. Here is just one bird shown in different angles so you can see what fun it is to use the body planes created in the construction as your established string. So many Zentangle patterns work perfectly for feathers, tails, wings, head, and breast. Have fun experimenting with your ideas! And just imagine how fun it would be to make some colorful ones as well. My two dictionary birds shown last are waiting to be embellished.
This percher hanging out in my teaching studio.

Breast view
Under belly and wings
My "Word Birds" waiting for another layer of embellishment, or not . . .

Sunrise over our neighborhood.


  1. Looks nice. Have you done a class on these yet? Would be interested in hearing how it went.