Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Classroom Mural Underway!

I'm getting ready to host art classes at my in-home studio in Estes Park, Colorado (hopefully by summer). Am having fun with my "Tangle Teaching Tree" design. That's what I'm calling the mural that I have begun to Zentangle. When teaching a particular tangle, I can then easily point it out it as it's used in the tree. When finished, my quaint space will fit about seven students around a large table, me, and my teaching tools; computer, speakers, white board, etc.

I'd like to share the process of my design and decorating in steps as it's more fun than just viewing the finished product.
  1. I primed the walls with a Benjamin Moore "Natura" semi-gloss acrylic paint. 
  2. Then I sketched the contour on the wall based on photos my favorite local cottonwood tree. 
  3. I sprinkled the branches with diverse birds  - more will probably follow. But this is a good start. 
  4. I am drawing on the wall with various sizes of black acrylic paints that are housed in a pen-like casing with a foam tip. They are made by Montana. You see them pictured in a glass on my wooden ledge. I bought them at Guiry's in Boulder where I got good advice on what best to use.
  5. I have started adding tangle patterns and is it ever fun! I will be shading with soft graphite and or gray acrylic washes. Still experimenting with that. 
  6. I wish I could do this all day. But alas, there's that "real job" I have!

Stay tuned for the finished wall mural and later my in-home class offerings!

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  1. Hi, Annie ! Just stopping by to visit. Your new studio space looks wonderful . . .and I love the Tangle Teaching Tree. Can't wait to see the finished space, and come up to visit sometime.
    Happy tangling1 ~ Holly Williams (CZT 16)