Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Journal Flourishes

At this time of the year I am inspired to pick up my handmade journals to make nature notes and drawings; wildflowers, landscapes, sketches of summer impressions, travel memories, etc. I wanted to share with you that this is a great opportunity to incorporate Zentangles into these special pages of journal reflections/entries. Here are a few examples of flourishes and boarders that I think you will recognize have been inspired by the Zentangle drawing method.
Try it and have fun!

Inside cover of my new "cross-structure" bound book. -

Here, the same journal with my contact information added. The inside covers are adorned with an old print I bought in Europe (1978) of Prague, depicted in the 1600s.

The top polished green leather journal is where the above flourishes reside.

From a travel journal I made for a special tour I took with the
Denver Botanic Gardens Illustrators Program in 2013.
This illuminated, 24-karat gold embellished letter "F" is part of a travel journal, as we visited Finland. You may notice that the page is a bit distorted because the letter was drawn
on reindeer vellum (skin) that won't lye flat in the book.

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  1. I love your flourishes! I am new to drawing, zentangle and art in general having reached the ripe old age of 65 believing I had no artistic talent within me. One of the things I find very hard is making the fluid motion of a swirl or flourish. Your example has encouraged me to keep on practicing.
    I hope you enjoyed Finland. I fell in love with the country when my daughter did a year at the University in Helsinki. Their love of the nature and its integration into the daily life of the city was soul enriching!